Friday, 18 October 2013

Utilising juicing pulp - Ricotta Cakes (gluten free, nut free)

And so it is that I am a huge convert to juicing, if you haven't already noticed on Mellymaks Facebook page!
Earlier this year my hubby and I completed a 3 day detox, created by the team at Food Matters.  It wasn't so much a detox for us but a door which we opened to find the wonderful world of juicing, among other things (such as how much nicer activated nuts are, how little hunger you feel when you actually feed your body with a barrage of nutrients, the deliciousness of chia puddings etc!!).

So back to juicing..... although I had tried it here and there in the past, and actually had a juicer in the cupboard gathering dust (as many of us do!!!) I hadn't felt the benefits of vegetable juice before, and the few commercial varieties that I had tried in the past definitely gave the idea of vegetable juice a bad name for me (think that terrible V8 juice in a can!!).

But a green juice was part of the detox and so we set about buying all the ingredients we needed - cucumber, parsley, lemon, apple, celery, kale and ginger.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Carrot loaded mini carrot cakes with a spiced honey butter! Gluten, Nut, and can be dairy and egg free.

Gee, it really has been a while between posts hasn't it?  I have to admit, having Mellymaks Facebook page has made me a little more lazy about blogging because it is so easy to type up a quick recipe with a photo and, click, its out there!
But here we are, back together again, having a good ol' chat at the kitchen bench.  With maybe a cuppa between us, or if its late enough in the day, maybe even a glass of wine!  Why not?

'What have you been up to?'
'Ah not much.  You know, nothing exciting enough to mention but enough to feel like I am run off my feet!'.
'Yep.  I hear ya!  Where does the time go?'