Monday, 8 April 2013

Gluten Free Garlic Focaccia - soft, tasty, easy!

I can hear all my fellow Coeliacs out there reading the title of this post saying 'yeah right - soft, tasty, easy.  Can't be gluten free!'???!!!

I'm super excited to put this recipe together and be able to say 'YES IT IS!!'.  Not only that, but its not all starchy and processed.  I've put linseeds, chia, buckwheat and chickpeas in this mix which gives it real guts, substance and obviously a swag of nutrients!

I think the secret behind the soft texture is the greek yogurt.  The cultures in yogurt do magical things to grains (meats too while I mention it!) to soften and lighten.  Especially given the shorter proving time, I think the yogurt helped the yeast do its thing!